About Us

Mole Overland custom fabrication

We are MOLE Overland. We make purpose-built, hand-crafted overland kit that is rugged as hell. All of our parts are as perfectly adapted to their use and environment as those weird-looking furry little creatures destroying your neighbors lawn. They don't need eyes, and you don't need frills. Our auxiliary battery trays, electrical mounting brackets, compressor mounts, and every other part we make no matter how big or how small, is designed and made with one thought in mind: "It's gotta work, it's gotta work well, and it's gotta work forever.

We spend the extra time and have the extra experience to create products that require as little fitting and modification to your vehicle as humanly (or molely) possible. You won't open your install hardware to find self-tapping metal screws; we have even engineered custom mounting hardware if needed. There are not shortcuts here, so you will have no more need for that bottle of aspirin on your work bench. You can spend more time were it truly matters - exploring.

And that's how we know what parts you need, because we're out there exploring too - every one of us is an overlander with our own truck and using our own parts. And not just that, as a part of the Adventure Ready world we have a full install shop at our fingertips and have worked on literally hundreds of trucks. So it's safe to say that we know what works, what doesn't work, and what simply just doesn't make sense. And you won't find any of that fluff here; our products are based in real-world needs, using real-world products. So make the jump into the mole hole - the dirt is warm!